Acne Serum Set (4 bottles)


[ NEW – MOST POPULAR ] Acne Serum (Comes in a set of 4 bottles)

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  1. Can I apply Acne Rescue Serum on a daily basis? 

Yes it can be used 2 times or more throughout the day as this serum is not drying. In fact it contains hyaluronic acid as one of the main ingredients which therefore able to help hydrated affected areas. Use it after toner during day and night, also can apply in adhoc basis if you happen to burst an acne or feel irritated by the breakouts. For acne prone skin users, he/ she can apply on visible pores even though there aren’t any breakouts, as it can help to balance oil secretion and prevent inflammation.

2. What are the benefits of Anti Acne Serum and its greatest selling point? 

It reduces inflammation, bacteria and stimulates the growth of new tissue to aid in acne healing. The greatest differences from other Acne products is that our Acne serum is non-drying, non sticky and able to absorb very quickly into the skin. Instead of purely focusing on drying out acne, our serum focuses on a gentle healing process with hydration that reduces the chances of scarring and dryness on the skin around the acne. As dryness of skin might cause further irritation. It also can be used as a toner or regular routine to be applied on acne prone or visible pores areas to prevent formation of new acne/ breakouts, as well as to balance oil secretion


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