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Cotton Mask Comfort Fit – 3 Layer Face Mask (Set of 3 Masks)


Covid Free! Comfortable Cotton 3 Layer 100% Protection Face Mask. Icy Cooling breathable material. Mouth movement comfort.

Dimensions 14cm Height x 26cm full length. Comfortable fit most young, adults n elderly faces except small kids. 

Maximum Protection from Dust | Pollution | Bacterial | Emission 

Reusable. Hand-wash. 

Please contact for bulk purchase


💬 Due to the raising cases of Covid, please take extra precautionary steps to protect yourself and your family against the virus. Please wear your mask at all times. Be safe and be well 🙏 


Additional information

Dimensions 26 × 14 cm


✔️3 layer effective particle filtration system

✔️Innovative design to reduce the eye wear fogging

✔️Ergonomic two panel design for excellent unisex fit

✔️Specially designed to fit the nose area

✔️Breathable hydrophobic poly fabric for particle filtration

✔️Elastic adjuster for Maximum comfort

✔️Soft and durable elastic

✔️Breathable 100% cotton medical grade hydrophilic fabric for comfort

✔️Does not fog up glasses

✔️Layers for safety and higher protection level

✔️Higher breathability

✔️Designed for mouth movement comfort 



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