Gold Snail Mask

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[ MOST POPULAR ] Mein-V Gold Snail Anti-Aging and Nourishing Silk Mask.

For dry, dehydrated, freckles, pigmentation, wrinkles and saggy skin.

Your skin is immediately deeply hydrated, becomes significantly radiant and the wrinkles are smoothed out because of the deep penetration of moisture, natural fruits, and plant extracts from the mask. Freckles, pigmentation, and age spots are visibly lightened by.. a lot! Continued usage of this mask will stimulate collagen production which will keep you looking youthful.

  • Premium Salon-Grade formula with luxurious packaging
  • Made in Singapore. Quality assurance.
  • No Fragrance. No Parabens. Pregnancy Safe
  • Dermatologically Tested


Eco friendly factors:

  • Natural plant extracts other than the snail secretion filtrate is being extracted in the most natural way. No snail is being harmed in the process.
  • No fragrance. No parabens.
  • Pregnancy safe.
  • Suitable for sensitive skin.
  • The mask doesn’t come in a box so this is an effort on sustainability.
  • No artificial colouring.
  • No unnecessary product wastage as unused product contents are kept in the Ziplock packaging.


Use suggestions:

Mix 1 – 2 types if you have a skin condition first (for the first 2-3 weeks) and the 2nd type for continuous maintenance. (i.e. Use Diamond Silk Mask for oily and stressed skin first, then the Marine Stem Cell for maintenance, or if you are a matured skin type, use the Gold Snail Anti-aging and Nourishing Mask)

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Q & A

1. What’s the maximum time frame we can put on the mask?
You can leave the mask on your face for a maximum of 20 minutes.

2. After removing the mask, do we have to wash our face?
The serum in our mask is formulated for not required to be washed off. After removing the mask, pat the excess
serum into your face until fully absorbed. Do apply regular skin care afterwards too. *If you have oily, combination and/or sensitive skin, we will recommend you to wash off the excess serum in
5-10min after the serum is fully absorbed into the skin, and apply regular skin care afterwards. However it also
depends on individual skin reaction, if you found no issue with leaving the serum on, you may go ahead.

3. It is a must to put the excess serum in the fridge? How long should we store the excess serum and it is advisable to wash off after application?
Yes excess serum needs to be kept in the fridge to prevent bacteria from growing, you may use up the excess
serum within a week. The serum in our mask is not required to be washed off..
*If you have oily, combination and/or sensitive skin, we will recommend you to wash off the excess serum in
5-10min after the serum is fully absorbed into the skin, and apply regular skin care afterwards. However it also
depends on individual skin reaction, if you found no issue with leaving the serum on, you may go ahead.

4. Currently I have pretty bad skin conditions and I am under doctor’s prescription, can I use your mask?
Our mask is made with natural ingredients and suitable for sensitive skin. However you are recommended to do a patch test before trying out any skin care product especially if you have a bad skin conditions. You are also
recommended to show our mask ingredient list to your doctor for advise before use. We will not be responsible
for any allergy reaction as individual skin reaction and result varies.

5. Do you accept overseas orders?
Yes we do. However, freight cost is charged separately.

6. What’s the key/ main difference between Diamond and Stem Cell mask?
Diamond mask is mainly for soothing, calming and hydrating. It can be used as a SOS mask for a person
experiencing inflammation and skin reactions at that point of time, for example having breakouts, allergies, itch, redness or burn after a day under the sun. Apart from that, it can be seen to lift and brighten up the skin. It is also most gentle for sensitive skin user so this is always the mask we’d recommend to a sensitive skin user to use regularly as to strengthen the skin barrier through regular soothing and hydrating. Overall, Diamond mask is more targeted for problematic skin or if one is looking for an instant lifting & brightening. Stem cell mask is mainly for repair and hydration at the same time. It can be used as a regular mask for post recovery of acne or sensitivity as it helps to promote skin renewal. Through skin renewal, skin texture is improved and skin appears to be more radiant with pigmentations lightened. It is also a light anti-aging mask that is suitable for oily and combination skin as Gold Snail mask might be too nourishing. Stem Cell mask has the lightest serum texture among all other masks, and with combination of a repairing, hydrating & anti-aging mask, therefore it is generally more accepted as a regular maintenance mask for all skin types.

7. What type of mask would you usually recommend to gentlemen who have a hectic lifestyle?
It has to depend on the gentlemen’s skin condition. If he has oily skin and experiences a breakout, he can try
Diamond mask for calming the inflammation and giving hydration to his skin. He should also use a moisturiser
that is suitable for him as a daily routine. A hydrated skin will help to control oil secretion and breakouts.
If his skin is balanced, he can try Gold Snail mask to moisturize and brighten skin. It can also boost collagen
production to reduce the formation of wrinkles and pigmentation.

8. Why is your mask so expensive?

  • It is made in Singapore with premium ingredients and generous serum.
  • It gives instant results for 90% of the users.
  • Our sheet mask is designed with hexagon grid and foil backing instead of the typical cotton/ silk sheet
    mask, this is for better fitting and to allow maximum absorption.
  • We focus on user experience such as to design the sachet with ziplock function and transparent side to highlight the mask feature.

9. What’s serum in Chinese?

10. How often should I use the mask? Can I use as often as I wish to?
It is recommended to mask 2-3 times a week, or 1-2 days apart. However if you have very dry skin, you can
mask everyday until skin condition improved. Or for instant if you have masked yesterday, however your skin got sensitive today as you went to a dusty environment, you can mask again today, you should mask according to your skin condition. No harm masking too much unless you experience breakouts which tells that your skin is over moisturised, or having allergy reactions which tells that you might be sensitive to certain ingredient in the mask.

11. Currently I have lots of existing masks, is it advisable to mix with your mask? Will it have adverse effects?
You are able to mix with cleansing masks such as pore purifying, clay mask, exfoliation mask in between our
masks, so that our mask can come in as a hydrating & repairing routine. If you have another hydrating or
nourishing mask as well, you may refer to point 9. However if you experience breakouts or allergy reactions from masking, you may want to reduce the variations of mask in order to know which ingredient suits your skin best. It is after all subjected to individual skin reactions to different type of masks/ ingredients.

12. Which series of mask should I use, after a long day under the sun (e.g. photoshoot, day at the beach)?
The first step to treat the skin that has been exposed under the sun would be to soothe and hydrate the skin,
therefore recommended to use the Diamond Mask on the night before sleep, accompanied with usual hydrating
skincare products. And can either use the Diamond mask or its excess serum consecutively for up to 3 days if the skin is badly damaged from the sun.

13. Which series of masks should I use for a matured, pigmented skin?
It is recommended to use the Gold Snail mask 2 times a week as it promotes collagen production, nourish and
moisturise skin, as well as exfoliate dull skin. Can also be accompanied with the Diamond or Marine Stem Cell
mask in between the routine of the 2pc Gold Snail for greater hydration.

14. Is it suitable to use the Marine Stem Cell mask on oily skin?
It is suitable for oily skin however we will recommend to focus on hydration boost first before using Marine Stem Cell. Therefore we will recommend Diamond mask to be the first mask for oily skin base users. He/ she can use Diamond mask 2-3 times a week for 2 weeks, and slowly incorporate Marine Stem Cell into the routine as such: First 2 weeks: Diamond + Diamond + Diamond Subsequent weeks to observe if Stem Cell cause any breakouts: Diamond + Stem Cell + Diamond Long term routine once the skin is stable: Stem Cell + Diamond + Stem Cell As the Marine Stem Cell can help skin to be more resilient against irritations and also help to reduce scars and uneven skin tone with its ability to promote cell renewal. Therefore it is an improvement and ultimate goal for an oily skin to be benefited from Marine Stem Cell. He or she should feel that his/ her skin is less oily with lesser breakouts after it is being hydrated with Diamond mask and that is when he or she can “progress” to using Marine Stem Cell.

15. The reasons why we should try/buy more than one type of mask.
Because there isn’t a “super mask” that can do all wonders and that is suitable for everyone’s skin type and age.
Our skin condition is a “reflection” of our body organ function and also reacts according to the surrounding condition. For instance our skin looks tired when we lack of sleep, we have breakouts during stressful periods, our skin is itchy and red from the dust, etc. Therefore we should treat our skin with the most suitable product that targets the specific problem.

Hydration is the key, just like how much our body needs water for survival before we even consider what tonic or supplement to improve on our health. Therefore Diamond mask focuses on fixing “critical” problems (soothe allergy, sunburn, acne..) and gives what the skin needs most which is hydration. And while the foundation is being built up, Marine Stem Cell mask come in to promote cell renewal to fix scarring, give nutrition to further strengthen the skin barrier.

As for Gold Snail mask, it is an anti-aging mask with a combination of moisturising + nourishing which is to target dry and matured skin that is “damaged” by prolonged dehydration and lack of collagen in the skin. Just hydration alone might not see much result for such skin conditions. Therefore if one sees the difference after using Gold Snail mask, he or she can continue to use it 2 times a week while alternating between a hydration mask as such: Gold Snail + Diamond Mask + Gold Snail + Diamond Mask & so on.

16. Can I apply Acne Rescue Serum on a daily basis?
Yes it can be used 2 times or more throughout the day as this serum is not drying. In fact it contains hyaluronic
acid as one of the main ingredients which therefore able to help hydrated affected areas. Use it after toner during day and night, also can apply in adhoc basis if you happen to burst an acne or feel irritated by the breakouts. For acne prone skin users, he/ she can apply on visible pores even though there aren’t any breakouts, as it can help to balance oil secretion and prevent inflammation.

17. What are the benefits of Anti Acne Serum and its greatest selling point?
It reduces inflammation, bacteria and stimulates the growth of new tissue to aid in acne healing. The greatest
differences from other Acne products is that our Acne serum is non-drying, non sticky and able to absorb very
quickly into the skin. Instead of purely focusing on drying out acne, our serum focuses on a gentle healing process with hydration that reduces the chances of scarring and dryness on the skin around the acne. As dryness of skin might cause further irritation. It also can be used as a toner or regular routine to be applied on acne prone or visible pores areas to prevent formation of new acne/ breakouts, as well as to balance oil secretion.

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  1. Tinku

    Would love to purchase more of the Gold Snail Mask, it was quite nice.

  2. Esther Lee

    You can see and feel the difference after one day. And after using just one mask!

  3. Fionna

    Just used it on my dad’s face and you can tell the difference in the wrinkles. Can’t wait to see more differences in the next few days 🙂

  4. FionnaLau

    Used it on my mum! The pigmentation is lightened , the laugh line is much better and neck is firmed up. She’s 74 years old, now she looks 54. Lol!

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